At RT Packaging we care for our environment and we firmly believe in selling products that does not harm the environment. We also believe in reducing the carbon footprint of customers by stocking environmentally friendly products.

What is a carbon footprint?

A carbon footprint is a term given to the amount of carbon dioxide (C02), methane and other greenhouse gases you produce (expressed as CO2 equivalent) just by going about your daily life.

RT Packaging stocks a range of Bio degradable Fast Food Containers.

Biodegradable packaging products refers to products that break down naturally into organic agents from exposure to heat, moisture and micro-organisms existing by nature. For example, most paper and textile products are considered biodegradable but plastics made from petroleum sources are not.


Click here to view our Biodegradable range.

Every consumer should adhere to the environmentally conscious mantra of Reduce, reuse, recycle
Below are some useful tips to help reduce the amount of household waste generated and disposed.


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