10 Pack Scrubbing Pads

R50.60 Price incl. VAT: R50.60

10 in a pack

Ideal for cleaning your pots

Designed for tough cleanups

Designed to fit easily in your hand.


R280.60 Price incl. VAT: R280.60

Polystyrene Foam Boxes

Tuna Box 50kg Base and Lid

R619.85 Price incl. VAT: R619.85

Polystyrene Foam Boxes

Fishbox 20 kg Base and Lid

R189.75 Price incl. VAT: R189.75

Polystyrene Foam Boxes

Fishbox 10kg Base and Lid

R155.25 Price incl. VAT: R155.25

Polystyrene Foam Boxes

Lobster box 10 kg Base and Lid

R159.85 Price incl. VAT: R159.85

Polystyrene Foam Boxes

Mini Cooler Box 6 Pack

R56.93 Price incl. VAT: R56.93

Credit Card Machines

Yoco Khumo Card Machine

R1,200.60 Price incl. VAT: R1,200.60


Cake box 5 x 5 x 2


Covid-19 Products

Blue Surgical Face Mask

R150.01 Price incl. VAT: R150.01
R80.01 Price incl. VAT: R80.01

Detergents & Cleaning Agents

Yellow Household Gloves

R20.01 Price incl. VAT: R20.01


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